Happy Noi Year! Babe loved his New Year’s Dinner here!


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We decided to start the New Year with a bang in our new town! 😉 So, we stayed a couple nights at Oxford Hotel… which was a dream and we didn’t have to leave the hotel too often.

Though on New Year’s Day, we went out and about to see what was open for eats and sips, then took a little walk in Drake Park. We stopped at Noi, downtown on Franklin and Bond, for early dinner.

Hubs had been wanting to take us to Noi ever since he’d eaten lunch their during his interview in Fall. He’s been talking about the ‘Fried Basil on the Garlic Chicken’ ever since!

What a better day to do so then on New Year’s with babe in tow!?

We love for Bean to experience new eats and cool culture… thus, we don’t really shy away from ‘fancy’ restaurants just because we have a toddler tagging along! Though we do tend to do so during a more low-key lunch versus a more active dinner time.

Turns out Noi Thai was, indeed, a super nice Thai place… and very welcoming to little dude!
They even have a ‘kid’s plate’, literally, they have the dang cutest little place setting for kids that they break out for the little foodies! Cute little place-setting with colorful bears on it and a kid’s spoon!
They, also, have a Kid’s Menu.

On this, our first dinner of 2014, Bean enjoyed coconut milk soup, rice, chicken, and fried basil!

Mama and Daddy enjoyed Coconut Milk Soup, Crab Fried Rice, Crispy Garlic Chicken, Khi Mao Noodles… delish!!
As well, they indicate Gluten-Free and Vegan for those dishes that hold these distinctions!

Mmmm… can’t wait to go back! Why yes, YES, it was difficult to write this post… now I’m totally craving Thai!

Enjoy and Happy 2014!

Happy Noi Year

Happy 52nd ~ blessed with wonderful In-laws!


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Today would have been my in-laws 52nd Wedding Anniversary!!
Only, my father-in-law passed last November… just days before Thanksgiving and a month after my son’s 1st Birthday.

Over the course of nearly 14 years I’ve come to really know and love my in-laws, I’m truly blessed with some good ones! My sweet mother-in-law fights her sadness every day since his passing and my heart aches in response.

I look back over the time I had with Sonny and know how lucky I am to have had him as a funny, witty (seriously always joking) and strong man to have been my father-in-law.
What he has left is a legacy of fatherhood that I know my husband is proud to step into and I’m happy to let him!
(Wellll… all, expect for that damn annoying “SssshhtttT” that Filipinos seem so proud to accomplish and exact, which instills jitters in any remotely Filipino human who happens to be nearby!)
What my husband has is a sense of over-protectiveness that I don’t have (just a product of my upbringing) which does equal out my somewhat caviler attitude with our son… ‘let him explore’! 🙂
My husband, also, has a very beautiful sense of love and emotion that he pours on Bean every chance he gets… I know my boy will grow up knowing his father loved him, just as I know Dano grew up knowing such from his own father!

That is something I am grateful for!

Oh! Sure-sure… there were times I rolled my eyes at some of the thoughts he choose to verbalize… so we’d have a chat and he’d listen with an open-mind and apologetic heart.

Regardless, he was such an upstanding guy and I am…
~ Grateful for those fourteen years that I had him in my life!
~ Grateful that Dano and I choose to take a ‘babymoon’ road trip, while I was 7mth pregnant, up to Oregon (and down the Coast) for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary!
~ Very Grateful that we choose to fly to Portland multiple times, from the Bay Area, with our little baby, so that he could be doted on by his loving Lolo (and all family!)
~ Grateful and so happy that Bean’s 1st Year Birthday Party took place in Portland… this allowed Sonny an opportunity to rejoice in the life of the new little Buendia in our lives… Bean and Lolo had so much fun that day playing and stomping canes! Ha! That was a sight… and Sonny was overjoyed with smiles!

Thank goodness for the times we did have… Thank goodness for the opportunity we had to help Sonny make hard decisions regarding his health and time at home!

It seems he passed way too soon… but 83 years is, truly, a lifetime… and Sonny, Sweet Sonny lived them well… and kindly!

With fond memories I share this post… thinking of all my in-laws and Sonny’s spirit with us! Blessings!


Something for Baby, Something for Mama! Citrus Lane March ’14 Review

A little something from my SFONewb Blog…
A Citrus Lane Review! 🙂

SFO Newb

We received Bean’s March Citrus Lane box and it was a sweet box full of goodies for baby and mama… it was my birthday month after all! 🙂

Start Spring with a Bang! Get 50% off your First Box here!

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and even though we now live in Bend, I certainly think they are a great company in the Bay Area and will continue my reviews for this site! 🙂
Though I invite you mamas to head over to my new Mama Bendia blog, where I’ll continue to review products, talk mama-ness, things to do in Central Oregon, and general musings!

Upon signing up for Citrus Lane, we provided age and gender of our little dude and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s March 2014 box for a 17mth-ish old boy…

View original post 566 more words

This is gonna be Awesome….!?


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It is! That’s what I want anyway… I want my inaugural post on MamaBendia to be Awesome, Wonderful, Stupendous, Interesting, Magical…! 🙂

Huh!? Maybe I should just get it out there, instead of waiting for the magic to pop into my head and out through my keyboard!

What I really want is for this blog is to be interesting and helpful…
a place for me to share with you and for you to share with me!
I’d love to share my thoughts and joys of mommin’ in hopes of helping other new parents… though I’m anxious that I won’t be able to get my thoughts and emotions out, for fear of becoming too emotional… ha!

I’d like to write about how I was near 39 years old (!) when we were surprised by the excitement of a pregnancy!
That my little dude is a true joy (seriously, a true joy!) but, man, I didn’t know this mommin’ thing was actually kind of difficult!
That my little guy walked at 9.5mths and that sort of added to the difficulty, hee hee!
That I was scared as crap to give birth!
That my baby’s birth was, actually, quite ‘easy’ and miraculous and amazing!
That I sometimes get bored being a stay-at-home mom!
That I sometimes only want to just sit on the floor and watch my boy explore, learn, and babble at me!

That my baby’s huge, cheeky smile and accompanying laugh is easily the best thing I get to see and hear all day long… it’s so amazing I sometimes just want to cry from the sheer joy if it!

That… that…

That, of the three blogs I keep right now, this… this is the one I want to nurture, as I nurture my little guy… for it to grow into something wonderful and amazing!

Hey… I think maybe I’ll be able to do this afterall!

What I’ve realized, writing for my other blogs, is that the direction leans towards sharing information…
I greatly enjoy writing reviews and here I’d like to continue that in the hopes that I might share information about something that can help another parent.

All of this focused on the topic of Mommin’ from (near and/or around) Bend, Ore!
Hmmm, just kind of Mommin’ in General… ya know, all the hard work we do and how we do it and why!
So, you don’t really have to be a Bend Parent to find enjoyment and resource out of my blog!
(Wellll, actually, I really like to travel… so I’ll probably throw in posts here and there relating to a place one might be able to get to easily from Bend! Or how about just Travelin’ with Baby!? 🙂 )

If you’ll take this ride with me… I’ve got a seat for you!

Thanks for the read,

Mama (E’lan) Bendia signing off… For now!

My wee family, during 2013 Holidays, making a home in Downtown Bend, Ore.

My wee family, during 2013 Holidays, making a home in Downtown Bend, Ore.