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Here’s to the Winner!
HelloFresh Website -and-  MamaBendia’s HelloFresh Review
This post finishes a 4-Part Blog Series on our experiences and reviews of three (3) Meal Delivery Services : We attempted to use each service for two weeks.

The other two services we tried and their reviews :

Blue Apron Website    :    Plated Website   

Blue Apron Review  :   Plated Review

Thanks for joining me and my family on this culinary journey!


HelloFresh Whole Box

The Back Story

I received a $40 off marketing postcard in my Parent’s Magazine subscription.

(I enjoy receiving Parents magazine, for the content, and the great discount offers they present subscribers.)

Let me offer you $40 OFF your first box!!!

Go to http://www.hellofresh.com and use code : YVHN87


Simply click this link!

The Details

HelloFresh offers 3 days of meals for 2 people (this is what ‘a week’ consists of). Additionally, there is a 4 person meal option.

The meals range from 500-800 calories, include farm fresh ingredients, and offer a Flexible Subscription option.

All for $10.75 per meal including shipping. $69 per week (per their website FAQs)

($9.08 per meal for Vegetarian options.)

The Pros

~ Farm Fresh ingredients, including hormone free meat.

(AND Love Beets…ya gotta love Love Beets! Just the name is cool, then you taste them… yum!)

~ Quick prep recipes.

~ Can choose 3 of 5 meal options per week. So, you’re not ‘boxed’ into the 3 meals they choose for you!

~ Beautiful Recipe card booklet with pictures of completed dishes. Features a “Let’s Talk About” page on the back : Grains, Beans, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Seeds, etc.

~ One can choose a Vegetarian Option, which is slightly less expensive.

The Cons

~ There is no ‘Dietary Profile’. Though, one can chose to go with the Vegetarian option, if needed.  We do have a few restrictions…some Gluten-Free, some Spices, and some Seafood. Luckily, we can choose out of 5 meals, so I pick three meals that are more catered to our needs and modify as desired.

The Goods

~ Most meals took about 35 minutes to prepare.

~ Meals were acceptable to most of my family’s tastes.

~ Meals could be Gluten-Free!

~ I chose recipes that would get my foodie brain thinking about new ways to cook.

A few photos of our delicous-ness along the way :

Lemony Chicken Dinner…

HelloFresh Lemony Chicken QuinoaLegit style Pork Chops w. Walnut Apples…

HelloFresh Roasted PorkChopSTEAK…

HelloFresh Seared SteakBeautiful Vegetarian Forbidden Rice Salad…

HelloFresh Forbidden Salad
We, also, had HelloFresh delivered  during the Holidays…family in and out, schedules up and down made us want ready-to-cook meals!

In that week we received :

~ Beef Bibimbap w. Carrot & Zucchini Ribbons ~

OMG! I am still thinking about this meal! I have no idea why I haven’t recreated it yet!

Don’t forget my offer : $40 OFF your first box!!!

($55-$69 depending on Vegetarian option.)

Go to http://www.hellofresh.com and use code : YVHN87


Simply click this link!


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