About Mama B

I’m a babywearing, toddler wrangling, crafty blogging Mama in my 40’s!

When we moved to the Bay Area, from San Diego, I started blogging with the launch of SFONewb.
Once we had our babe in Fall 2012, we knew we needed to get closer to family in Oregon…and ended up landing in Bend just after Thanksgiving 2013!
Wanting to share tidbits from my new mama life and and mama life in Central O…
I started MamaBendia!

My hope is for an awesome blog…one that is helpful to other mamas and daddies…
and by keeping it going, helpful for even myself!

If you have topics to discuss, places to review, or just wanna say “Howdy”…
I’d love to hear from you!

I’m so happy you’ve come along for the ride with all of us!


Mama Bendia, Hubs, and Bean

Babywearing Mama July 1 2014

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