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It is! That’s what I want anyway… I want my inaugural post on MamaBendia to be Awesome, Wonderful, Stupendous, Interesting, Magical…! πŸ™‚

Huh!? Maybe I should just get it out there, instead of waiting for the magic to pop into my head and out through my keyboard!

What I really want is for this blog is to be interesting and helpful…
a place for me to share with you and for you to share with me!
I’d love to share my thoughts and joys of mommin’ in hopes of helping other new parents… though I’m anxious that I won’t be able to get my thoughts and emotions out, for fear of becoming too emotional… ha!

I’d like to write about how I was near 39 years old (!) when we were surprised by the excitement of a pregnancy!
That my little dude is a true joy (seriously, a true joy!) but, man, I didn’t know this mommin’ thing was actually kind of difficult!
That my little guy walked at 9.5mths and that sort of added to the difficulty, hee hee!
That I was scared as crap to give birth!
That my baby’s birth was, actually, quite ‘easy’ and miraculous and amazing!
That I sometimes get bored being a stay-at-home mom!
That I sometimes only want to just sit on the floor and watch my boy explore, learn, and babble at me!

That my baby’s huge, cheeky smile and accompanying laugh is easily the best thing I get to see and hear all day long… it’s so amazing I sometimes just want to cry from the sheer joy if it!

That… that…

That, of the three blogs I keep right now, this… this is the one I want to nurture, as I nurture my little guy… for it to grow into something wonderful and amazing!

Hey… I think maybe I’ll be able to do this afterall!

What I’ve realized, writing for my other blogs, is that the direction leans towards sharing information…
I greatly enjoy writing reviews and here I’d like to continue that in the hopes that I might share information about something that can help another parent.

All of this focused on the topic of Mommin’ from (near and/or around) Bend, Ore!
Hmmm, just kind of Mommin’ in General… ya know, all the hard work we do and how we do it and why!
So, you don’t really have to be a Bend Parent to find enjoyment and resource out of my blog!
(Wellll, actually, I really like to travel… so I’ll probably throw in posts here and there relating to a place one might be able to get to easily from Bend! Or how about just Travelin’ with Baby!? πŸ™‚ )

If you’ll take this ride with me… I’ve got a seat for you!

Thanks for the read,

Mama (E’lan) Bendia signing off… For now!

My wee family, during 2013 Holidays, making a home in Downtown Bend, Ore.

My wee family, during 2013 Holidays, making a home in Downtown Bend, Ore.