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I’m writing a 4-Part Blog Series on our experiences and reviews of three (3) Meal Delivery Services : Reviews and Pictures of each service, in order in which we used them. We attempted to use each service for two weeks.
Blue Apron    :    Plated    :    HelloFresh
I will complete the series with a recommendation of our preferred service!! Basically, the Winner!

Thanks for joining me and my family on this culinary journey!


Blue Apron Box Oepn

The Back Story
A mama friend sent me a referral link for a week of free meals with Blue Apron! How could I not go for that!?

Having a toddler makes meal-planning a tad bit ‘cumbersome’…and, even though, it was CrockPot season, I thought it would be nice to have meal options ‘outside the pot’. 🙂 I quickly signed-up!
Also, I love to cook and wanted to get some inspiration!

I was only offered the option of delivery on Thursday or Friday. I wanted something earlier in the week to allow for spontaneous weekend dining out, without worry of spoiling meals in the fridge.

The Details
Blue Apron offers 3 days of meals for 2 people (this is what ‘a week’ is).
The meals range from 500-700 calories, include fresh ingredients, and are suppose to take about 35mins to make.
All for $9.99 per meal…so, $59.94 per week!

After you’ve been with them for awhile they offer a referral link to send to friends. But I moved on after two weeks (one paid week) to the other services…thus, they did not offer me a link to share with my readers!

The Pros
~ Least Expensive of all the services :
$59.94 including shipping, for 6 total meals = $9.99 per meal
~ Fresh ingredients, including hormone free meat.
~ Quick prep recipes…most were fairly true to around the 35min completion time.
~ Beautiful Recipe cards with pictures of completed dishes. Includes a little history of the dish and are reusable!
~ One can choose a Vegetarian Option, which is slightly less expensive.

The Cons
~ Late delivery…in week AND time of day!
The earliest day we could receive our box, at the time, was Thursday!
So, I waited all day on our first Thursday…and dun, dun, dun…received our box at 8:40pm (Eight-Freaking-Forty!). Needless to say, that first night’s dinner was not a Blue Apron dinner and our Toddler went to bed a bit later than normal!
~ Packaging Waste…sorry but this makes me cringe. Though I was able to pass along the cold packs and foiled bubble wrap to local fisherman and such.
~ Recipes that were not true to the 35min time…were so far off! Nearly an hour!
~ The ‘Dietary Profile’ is limited and only offers the opportunity to select main protein sources : Beef, Poultry, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Shellfish.
We do have a few restrictions…some Gluten-Free, some Spices, and some Seafood.

The Goods
Week 1, First Meal :
Croque Monsieur-Style Sandwiches w. Bacon, Radish, Little Gem Salad
35 Minutes
Not Gluten-Free

I’ve seen this on the menu at our favorite French Cafe in Redwood City, Ca. Pamplemousse. Though I’d never ordered it myself when we lived there!
Boy, was I missing out, this was delicious!
Blue Apron portions were big and the salad was huge!

Modifications : Bacon on the side, Substituted Provolone for the Swiss.

Blue Aprong Croque

Week 1, Second Meal :
Seared Hake w. Melted Leeks & Fingerling Potatoes
50+ Minutes

I am a Leek and Potato girl, and hubs is a fish guy…so this meal was so our style!
However, the prep took forever and our total time was 50+ minutes before we ate.
Thankfully we ate it at lunch and, thus, weren’t set back for a late dinner.

Modifications : Omitted Paprika and Added Garlic

Blue Apron Hake

Week 1, Third Meal :
Yuzu Kosho-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks w. Shitake, Turnip & Rice Salad
5 Minutes
(Prepared on the 5th day from delivery (!) for Dinner, due to late delivery as described above in the Cons section.)

This was another wonderful dish that is very much our style.
It had a wonderful flavor and was one that our toddler enjoyed as well!
There was plenty of food for more than the allotted two servings.

Modifications : Substituted Organic Brown Rice for the Jasmine, Added Extra Sesame Oil, Omitted the Togarashi Spice Blend due to being unsure of Paprika, would have loved more Ginger.

Blue Apron Drumsticks

Week 2, First Meal :
Beef on Weck Sandwiches w. Heirloom Potato Salad
30 Minutes
Not Gluten-Free

Oh. My. Goodness! This was good! We didn’t know what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised! The delicious crunch of the airy bread was just too amazing!
However, the beef was thinly sliced vs. shaved, as was stated in the ingredients…shaved would have been so lovely! Plus, I looooove Arugula!

Modifications : Panfried Bread in Butter vs. warming in oven, Added Mayo to Potato Salad, Added provolone to sandwich.

Blue Apron Beef Weck

Week 2, Second Meal :
Shrimp & Mustard Green Laing w. Jasmine Rice
30 Minutes

Ohhhh…yeah…this is our style, I mean Hubs is Filipino, afterall!
This was good and tasty, I loved the shrimp with the sauce, and the freshness of the cilantro was amazing.

Modifications : Substituted Organic Brown Rice vs. Jasmine Rice, Needed my own Garlic (as it was not in the box!), Kept Bagoong on the side for hubs to eat as desired!

Blue Apron Laing

Week 2, Third Meal :
Chicken Schnitzel w. Watercress, Apple, Beet & Red Walnut Salad
35+ Minutes
Not Gluten-Free

This was so yummy…just straight up goodness.

Modifications : Surprisingly, no modifications…that is so rare for me!!

BLue Apron Schnitzel

Overall Impression
Very good, except for the late deliveries.

I love how they have little brown bags labelled as “Chicken Knick Knacks” and such, these are all the little goodies for each meal, so you know where it is!

Blue Apron KnickKnacsk

Be sure to check back this week…I’ll be posting parts 2, 3, and 4 (THE WINNER!) every couple days! Next up…Plated Review!

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