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Here’s HelloFresh…I’m writing a 4-Part Blog Series on our experiences and reviews of three (3) Meal Delivery Services : Reviews and Pictures of each service, in order in which we used them. We attempted to use each service for two weeks.
Blue Apron    :    Plated    :    HelloFresh
I will complete the series with a recommendation of our preferred service!! Basically, the Winner!

Thanks for joining me and my family on this culinary journey!


HelloFresh Whole Box

The Back Story
I received a $40 off marketing postcard in my Parent’s Magazine subscription.
(I enjoy receiving Parents magazine, for the content, and the great discount offers they present subscribers.)

Let me offer you $40 OFF your first box!!!
Go to http://www.hellofresh.com and use code : YVHN87
Simply click this link!

The Details
HelloFresh offers 3 days of meals for 2 people (this is what ‘a week’ consists of). Additionally, there is a 4 person meal option.
The meals range from 500-800 calories, include farm fresh ingredients, and offer a Flexible Subscription option.
All for $10.75 per meal including shipping. $69 per week (per their website FAQs)
($9.08 per meal for Vegetarian options.)

The Pros
~ Farm Fresh ingredients, including hormone free meat.
(AND Love Beets…ya gotta love Love Beets! Just the name is cool, then you taste them… yum!)
~ Quick prep recipes.
~ Can choose 3 of 5 meal options per week. So, you’re not ‘boxed’ into the 3 meals they choose for you!
~ Wednesday Delivery option.
~ Beautiful Recipe card booklet with pictures of completed dishes. Features a “Let’s Talk About” page on the back : Grains, Beans, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Seeds, etc.
~ One can choose a Vegetarian Option, which is slightly less expensive.
~ Actually offer a ‘recycling’ return for their padded box liners.

The Cons
~ ‘Recycling’ return is not all that, but at least it was an option available to me vs. throwing out or dumping into my recycling.
I returned 3 weeks worth of box liners at the cost of $26 via UPS, and received a $16 credit on my account. So, I didn’t even get a credit equal to the cost of shipping, but at least I got some sort of credit.
~ There is no ‘Dietary Profile’. Though, one can chose to go with the Vegetarian option, if needed.  We do have a few restrictions…some Gluten-Free, some Spices, and some Seafood. Luckily, we can choose out of 5 meals, so I pick three meals that are more catered to our needs and modify as desired.
~ Our first box has a couple frozen veggies, which they promptly credited me for.

HelloFresh Recycling

The Goods
Week 1, First Meal :
Korean-Style Beef with Broccolini & Brown Rice
30 Minutes
Gluten-Free (with correct sauces)

Korean-Style Beef!? Heck Yeah, bring it! And, yes, it was good!
We love a good Asian-inspired meal in our house and this met the expectation.
And, yippy, they used Brown Rice! We only use Brown Rice in our house, so it was nice to see a meal delivery service do that same.

Modifications : Added Garlic

HelloFresh Korean Style Beef

Week 1, Second Meal :
Walnut Crusted Salmon with Roasted Green Beans
50 Minutes
Not Gluten-Free

This was good, it was not gluten-free…but I loved the walnut crusting idea.

Modifications : None

HelloFresh Walnut Crusted Salmon

Week 1, Third Meal :
Lemony Chicken & Quinoa Stew
40 Minutes


This was surprisingly delish and I didn’t expect it to be so! The flavor and texture worked so well together.

Modifications : Did not use the Chili Flakes.

HelloFresh Lemony Chicken Quinoa

Week 2, First Meal :
Roasted Pork Chops with Sauteed Apples & Kale
30 Minutes

Delicious and gluten-free. I’m not typically a fan of sweet along side my savory dinner, though I know it’s ‘tradition’ to have apples/applesauce with pork chops, so I knew the deal. Though I loved the addition of kale and then I served mine up with the nuts garnishing the apples vs. the kale.

Modifications : No Modifications.

HelloFresh Roasted PorkChop

Week 2, Second Meal :
Seared Steak with Cauliflower Mash & Green Beans
30+ Minutes

Yum, because…STEAK! 🙂
I messed up and made more of a puree vs. a mash, though it turned out lovely to have an awesome sauce to go with this dish. So…basically…the dish was Awesomesauce!

Modifications : No Modifications.

HelloFresh Seared Steak

Week 2, Third Meal :
Forbidden Rice Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash
apx. 25 Minutes
Not Gluten-Free

Good…I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’d really wanted to try Forbidden Rice. Thus, I was super happy to have this as a menu option.

Modifications : Added Chicken to hubs and nephew’s portions.

HelloFresh Forbidden Salad

Overall Impression
Very good!
Even though the cost of sending in the recycling material did not match the credit I got, I am happy that is an option.

We, also, tried HelloFresh during the Holidays…family in and out, schedules up and down and a credit sitting in my account prompted us to go for another week of HelloFresh meals!

In that week we received :

~ White Bean & Turkey Chili ~
Gluten Free and pretty tasty.

~ Sausage and White Bean Soup w. Swiss Chard ~
Not to shabby and Gluten Free.

~ Beef Bibimbap w. Carrot & Zucchini Ribbons ~
OMG! I am still thinking about this meal!
I have no idea why I haven’t recreated it yet!

Don’t forget my offer : $40 OFF your first box!!!
($55-$69 depending on Vegetarian option.)

Go to http://www.hellofresh.com and use code : YVHN87
Simply click this link!

Be sure to check back at the beginning of next week…
I’ll be posting Part 4 : THE WINNER!

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I can’t wait to tell you!

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