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We received Bean’s September Citrus Lane box and Mama was sooo happy!

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Upon signing up for Citrus Lane, we provided age and gender of our little guy and receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s September 2014 box for a 23mth-ish old boy :

~ Long Sleeve Tee from Tea Collection :
OK! I’m a mama obsessed with Tea Collection, I can’t help myself, I just love their clothes and designs. The styles are adorable and the quality is top-notch.
So far, I’ve actually found great used baby and toddler items on-line and at my local high-end children’s resale shop, Stone Soup.
And…then…this month Citrus Lane completely won me over…completely!
(I mean, I was already a fan, but still, they excelled!)
There was a little long-sleeved Tea Collection Tee for Bean in this month’s box!
Plus, an amazing promo code, which I quickly took advantage of.
Buying my first actual product(s) from Tea, themselves, was thrilling for me!
Then…we received the package! It came with a sweet little activity book for Bean! Pure awesomeness!
Way to go Tea Collection and Citrus Lane for teaming up! I’m a happy mama!
(More on Tea to come in a future post!)

Sept Tea
~ Foam 3D Links for Bath by Boon :
We’ve received Boon Bath toys in our Citrus Lane before…LOTS of them…and they are always so amazing! Bean loves his DIVE Bath Appliques and these Link were fairly similar.
Turns out the timing was terrific, as we had a 4yr old Birthday for a little friend coming up and these Bath Links were a great gift!
So…a great toy from Boon was given to another kiddo, I like that story!

Sept 2014 Bath

~ Write Your Own Labels from Emily Press :
Whoa! Cool idea!
Especially as Beans begins to become more social and we go places that require his name on his own items…good timing. Hoping they work out well!
We got little Animal themed ones!

Sept 2014 Labels

~ Disney Snack Bag from Bumkins :
We’ve received a few things from Bumkins in our Citrus Lane box in the past…wet bags, small snack bags, etc…I really like all the products we’ve received so far.
I like that this bag is larger and can hold a sandwich or larger item and it has the same washable fabric as our other Bumkins bags.
This was a ‘pick your item’ month with Citrus Lane and the print of this bag was the customization we got to choose.

Sept Bumkinds

~ FREE Citrus Lane Box for a Friend :
WHAT!? This is awesome! We received a code to send a free box to a friend! I take this as a win for being a Citrus Lane subscriber for so long!
I quickly jumped on this and sent out a box to my niece, 6mths older than Bean!
Can’t wait to see what she gets!

Sept 2014 Free box

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have easily spent more than $75, not including shipping & tax. We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box! We opt for a yearly membership, so we pay just about $16/mth… but you can go a month at a time for just $29 AND Get a whopping 50% off your very one 1st box here! It’s so fun watching our little guy open the Citrus Lane box every month!

Sept Bean Look throughSept 2014 Box

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